Clare warns of exodus from leased locations to freehold and overseas
Dixons CEO John Clare hit out at landlords yesterday for sticking with upwards-only rent reviews and failing to explore more flexible leasing arrangements.

He warned delegates at the British Council of Shopping Centres'annual conference that if landlords failed to be more flexible in their leasing policies, Dixons would focus on buying freeholds and developing sites in Europe.

Clare said that the retailer might be forced to concentrate on cheaper out-of-town locations and close high street branches, if landlords did not reconsider their leasing strategies.

He said: 'Throttle the retail goose that has laid your golden egg, and not only will no more golden eggs come your way, but this goose, for one, will spend a lot more time buying freeholds and focusing on growth in Europe. With more doing the same, one of the main arteries of the UK economy will slowly silt up.'

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