Director of Harrods Direct, Harrods

Replicating the experience of shopping in the world’s most famous store online is always going to be a tall order, but the former Debenhams and Marks & Spencer man has made real strides in turning Harrods’ online presence into something which reflects the brand.

Looking at the website, it shows this is being done and while all the luxury department stores face challenges in building an online presence that reflects their brand mix in store, Harrods is making real progress. David Worby has practical experience of building a successful web business, as well as a comprehensive product assortment.

Under Worby, Harrods has also built compelling editorial and event-led content. With Harrods having new Qatari owners, the business appears to be being run with a more conventional retail focus, meaning that online growth is likely to be a higher priority within the business.