Chief marketing officer, Game

Game, more than most retailers, needs to have a robust and innovative ecommerce strategy as the video games market becomes increasingly digitised. The appointment of the well-respected former Marks & Spencer online boss, Dave Hughes, in April showed just how seriously the retailer was taking it.

Hughes has been given a challenging remit to triple online sales to £300m by 2013, and progress has already been made, with Game reporting in May that it had increased its online market share from 13% to 18% in just four months.

Since joining, under the stewardship of chief executive Ian Shepherd, Hughes has spearheaded a number of initiatives to help transform Game into a multichannel retailer.

Most recently, Game formed a significant and innovative strategic partnership with on-demand ‘cloud’ gaming specialist OnLive. Game will initially offer OnLive products including instant-play video games through its websites and later this year, and stores will eventually play their part too.

While Hughes will have a tough job ahead of him keeping up with the rampant digitisation of the video games market, his impressive strategic tie-ups that enable Game to capture a bigger slice of the growing online market show he is up to the challenge.