Founder and chief executive, My-Wardrobe

Sarah Curran

Former fashion boutique owner Sarah Curran effectively learnt about etailing on the job since launching My-Wardrobe in 2006 from her home in the south of France. She returned to the UK after realising the brand’s potential, and the site has quickly turned into one of the UK’s big fashion etail success stories.

In June this year, My-Wardrobe posted a group sales increase of 96% for the year to May 31. And Curran’s sights do not stop at the UK. In June, she appointed Romain Eude to the newly created role of chief technology officer as the company seeks to grow overseas sales.

Curran, with her boundless enthusiasm, is a perfect figurehead for the brand and is a regular on the etail and fashion event circuit. She also has a knack for knowing how to engage customers online.

As well as publishing an online magazine and seasonal style guides, My-Wardrobe also produces video for its MY-TV channel.

The etailer is still a relative baby and nowhere near the scale of Net-a-Porter or Asos, but Curran’s team is proving itself to be consistently creative and inspiring.