Vice-president, Amazon UK

Former Asda executive director and board member Doug Gurr left the grocer earlier this year after four and a half years driving its multichannel, strategy and logistics.

He couldn’t stay away from retail for long and is soon to join online giant Amazon UK where he is thought to be leading its strategy.

It is Gurr’s experience at Asda that has led to the online pioneer snapping him up. During his tenure at the grocer, Gurr was chief executive Andy Clarke’s right-hand man. He rolled out in-store collection to more than 300 stores and has transformed into the UK’s second largest home shopping site.

He also set up the grocer’s non-food operation, Asda Direct, where it aims to catch up with Tesco and claim dominance in the category. His experience in selling across multiple categories will put him in good stead for his role at the world’s biggest marketplace, where everything from lingerie to ladders is sold.

Gurr has a long history in online – before his time at Asda, he set up internet-enabled stockless wholesaler Blueheath, which he floated on AIM. A self-proclaimed entrepreneur at heart, he is currently in the process of setting up further internet ventures in his spare time.