Sir Philip Green has labelled an MP’s remarks about the behaviour of Arcadia directors and the Green family “shocking and offensive”, demanding an apology.

Green was responding to comments made yesterday by the co-chair of the joint select committee, Labour MP Frank Field, examining the collapse of BHS.

Field told Arcadia directors yesterday that the image of BHS management was “about nicking money off other people”.

His remarks were in response to the collective refusal of Arcadia finance director Paul Budge, property director Chris Harris and Taveta director, and Green’s stepson, Brett Palos to lay the blame for the collapse of BHS at Green’s door.

He told them: “We’re fed up of hearing ‘I’m about to fix it [the BHS pension crisis]’. He does not fix it. What’s required is a very large cheque from the Green family who have done so well out of the whole of this exploitation.

“The City is furious with your behaviour, the image you put over is that everybody in business is not about creating jobs, about spreading wealth but it’s about nicking money off other people.

“Sir Philip could fix this today if he was serious.”

Green replied in a statement: “Mr Field’s outrageous outburst today demonstrated yet again his clear prejudice against myself, my wife and my executives, who turned up for a second time.”

“He arrived very late, offered no apology, heard no evidence, clearly just to put on a 10 minute show and was extremely rude. Accusing me and my family of theft is totally false and unacceptable on any basis.”

“The committee was yesterday made fully aware of the fact that a solution for the BHS pension funds is being worked on. His behaviour is as far as you can get from being helpful to anyone in this situation.

“Mr Field needs to apologise for his shocking and offensive behaviour.”

This episode is the latest in ongoing feud between the pair. Green previously threatened that he would not appear before MPs unless Field resigned as chair.