Retail Week’s report on seasonless fashion reveals what 50 of the UK’s most well-known fashion bosses think about the sector.

Salesforce may 2017 infographic

Salesforce may 2017 infographic

Retail Week’s new report, in association with Salesforce, reveals:

  • 26% of retailers claim seasonless buying is adding £1m to £5m to their operating models
  • Just over a fifth have managed to respond to the trend in a less costly manner, with 21% spending between £100,000 and £250,000
  • 46% say ecommerce and data analytics are the two areas feeling the pressure most acutely
  • 56% are looking to source goods closer to home

Seasonless fashion report: Preparing for a new era of retail

Shutterstock 113558389

Shutterstock 113558389

Discover how seasonless fashion is unearthing growth opportunities that can help you better connect with your customers with our new report.

Read it here to discover:

• What the fashion sector thinks about the move into trans-seasonal buying 

• The true impact on business strategies and operating models

• How seasonless fashion will benefit the longer-term future of the sector