The conversion tracker compares the percentage of shoppers visiting, with those making a purchase, at selected fashion retailers each week.


There are two major changes during the second half of May. Firstly, Next has suffered significant declines in all three metrics during this period.

With respect to visitation, Next fell from 25% to 18% of respondents, its lowest footfall figure ever recorded.

With respect to purchasing, Next fell to just 3% of respondents, the lowest score we’ve ever recorded for any brand during the course of the tracker.

Finally, with respect to conversion rate, Next has fallen to 17%, indicating that less than a fifth of respondents who entered the store decided to purchase something. This is also the lowest value ever recorded for any brand.

In contrast to Next’s suffering, George at Asda recorded a significant rise in conversion rate over the past two weeks, with 60% of visitors deciding to purchase something – up from 45% in early May.


500 interviews of UK consumers (aged 13 or over), interviewed over two weeks. All samples are independent and have an identical structure on age, gender and region per two-week wave.

The conversion rate is calculated as the proportion of shoppers who purchased something / the proportion of shoppers who visited the store.

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