Research highlights centre trends
Shopping Mall 2004, the latest research from Czech consumer research agencies

GfkK Praha and Incoma Research, has revealed that shoppers spent 20 per cent more in shopping malls than 2 years ago.

Czechs spent 52 euros on average on each visit to a shopping mall. Some 50 per cent of the survey respondents visited shopping centres once a week, while 25 per cent go to malls twice a week. Half of the respondents spent more than two hours shopping, 25 per cent stay longer and 20 per cent stay less than one hour.

About 75 per cent of those polled admitted that they visit shopping centres to buy products from supermarkets, while only 20 per cent were interested in the specialist stores. People also visited shopping malls to go to the cinema or eat on restaurants.

The consumer research agencies conducted the survey in 10 towns and cities.