Pets at Home is to premier an advert during Britain’s Got Talent tomorrow featuring video clips crowdsourced from social media.

My Pet Moments, a 60-second promo made of the best of more than 13,000 uploaded photos and video clips, will be shown to an anticipated audience of 11 million people.

The campaign aims to show the unique relationship between pets and their owners and is the first for the retailer using crowdsourced content.

It asked people to upload their videos and pictures across several social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, with the latter under the hashtag #MyPetMoments.

Scott Jefferson, marketing director at Pets at Home, said: “Pet ownership is full of happy times, but we know that it can also be peppered with the not-so-good times, everything from fur balls to vet visits.

“The campaign shows that whilst we can’t guarantee there won’t be tricky times ahead, Pets at Home can promise we’re here to support owners and their pets throughout their time together.

“We knew owners would be excited to share their favourite pet moments but we were truly overwhelmed by the response to the campaign.

“We’re extremely excited about the film, it’s honest, funny and emotional all at the same time. It truly showcases the wonderful experience of having a pet.”

The campaign was developed for Pets at Home by Krow Communications, which worked with documentary filmmakers to edit together the final film.

Forty and thirty second versions of the advert will be shown throughout May and a three-minute version is available online.

It will also be shown in “Pet Premieres” at its Fort Kinnaird, New Malden, Leicester Fosse Park, Swindon and Stockport stores.