Ranking: The 50 most-loved retailers in the UK for 2023

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Shoppers have had a tough time of late. Leaping from a global pandemic to an economic crisis has meant many have had to take a closer look at how much they spend and who they’re spending it with. For retailers, that means yet another obstacle course, forcing them to roll up their sleeves and navigate their customers through it. 

Savanta surveyed 96,000 shoppers on more than 200 retailers (which met an awareness criteria), first asking if they were aware of the brand and then asking them to rate how much they loved – or hated – it. 

Tech giants Amazon and Apple remain in the two top spots for this league table, gradually solidifying their positions and shoppers’ affections. But that’s about as steady as it gets. The further we move down the ranking, the more we see shoppers falling in and out of love with the UK’s biggest retailers. 


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