The Advertising Standards Authority has banned an advert created by DIY retailer Homebase after it concluded it was “misleading” shoppers over promotions.

The advertising watchdog upheld a complaint over a TV and radio advert debuted earlier this year which it said gave the impression that customers could make purchases on a national discount day in conjunction with other promotional deals. It promised 15% off “on top of our other great offers”.

The ad must not been shown again in its current form. 

The ASA said: “We concluded the ads were misleading, because the overall impression of each of the ads was that the national discount day offer could be used in conjunction with all other Homebase offers, when that was not in fact the case. 

“We also concluded the statement ‘exclusions apply’ in the radio ad contradicted, rather than clarified, that impression.”

In reply, Homebase said the adverts did not say that the 15% discount applied to “all” of its other offers and said the radio promotion specifically stated “exclusions apply”.