Cotswold gets sales data system

Leisurewear and outdoor activities retailer Cotswold Outdoor has developed its multi-channel business with a retail management system from Island Pacific.

The solution provides facilities such as card authorisation, product tracking and order management. The system, called Synaro, will also be used by Cotswold Outdoor to analyse sales data. Information will be made available to the retailer's 15 stores, as well as its Web and business-to-business operations.

However, the main reason for the investment was to automate some sales and ordering processes that were previously done manually.

Cotswold Outdoor finance director Phil Stansfield said: 'We also wanted call centre operators to have a system so that they could highlight promotions and details of offers to customers. They will also be able to advise customers when products will be in stock, should they not be able to find what they want.'

The Synaro system will also be able to identify which ranges are performing well. From this data, the retailer will be able to fine tune its stock ranges throughout its high street outlets.

Stansfield also hopes to use the system to grow the retailer's Web business.

'The system is euro compliant and multi-lingual, which will help us expand overseas through our Internet offering,' he said.