The annual rate of consumer price inflation rose to 3.2% in October from 3.1% in September, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported.

Fuel, financial services and games, toys and hobbies were among the most significant contributors to the rise between September and October.

The largest downwards pressures were from furniture and household goods, which recorded a price fall of 3.4% and clothing and footwear, which was down 0.7% - an October fall in apparel is usual in October, the ONS said.

On a 12-month basis games, toys and hobbies were also a significant contributor to the change. Recreation and culture rose 0.6% between September and October this year, compared to a 0.1% rise between the same two months a year ago.

Food and non-alcoholic drinks made exerted the greatest downward pressure to the change in 12-month rate. Vegetable prices fell 1% between September and October compared to a rise of 1.1% a year ago. Meat prices were flat but rose 0.7% a year ago.

However, food and non-alcoholic drinks were a big contributor to the 12-month Consumer Prices Index rate and have risen 4.5% over the year.