Specialist retailers including Game and Halfords have launched their festive ads, but are they Christmas crackers or turkeys?


Boots Christmas TV ad 2014

Boots has unveiled a Christmas advert which is a big departure from previous campaigns such as ‘Here come the girls’. It features a nurse who has worked over Christmas returning home in the early hours of Boxing Day.

A Christmas cracker!

Christmas cracker

“Aside from casting a nurse (nice touch), the role for Boots is sort of missing from this. But I love the confidence, and it’s Christmas, so I’ll shut up and instead say thanks for the heart warmer Boots.” Jonathan Trimble, chief executive of 18 Feet & Rising



Game’s ad is based on insight that ‘it’s not Christmas, it’s Game season’ with an ad that pays homage to classic gaming genres.   

A Christmas cracker!

Christmas cracker

“Out of nowhere everyone has games consoles on offer at Christmas; be sure to buy yours from the people who take this stuff seriously. This spot shoves the alternatives quickly and firmly in their place.” Jonathan Trimble, chief executive of 18 Feet & Rising



Halfords is taking on festive fads with its ad and asks the question ‘does anything beat a bike?’ with a spot shot in a sepia-style to envoke nostalgia of receiving a bike at Christmas.

A Christmas cracker!

Christmas cracker

“Good focus and restraint exercised by the retailer here which will pay off not just in being the place you buy your bike this Christmas but as a destination still worthy of a slot the high street.” Jonathan Trimble, chief executive of 18 Feet & Rising


The Range

The Range is showing a more inspirational side to its product in its first national TV campaign that positions itself as a ‘working man’s John Lewis’ and still features some of its trademark humour.

A Christmas cracker!

Christmas cracker

“Doesn’t move advertising on, but this is a straight ahead and unpretentious approach that allies tightly to a retailer that’s moving with the times. Deserves to steal a chunk of traffic from some of the larger outlets busy glossing over the realities of what they offer.” Jonathan Trimble, chief executive of 18 Feet & Rising


Robert Dyas

Robert Dyas has picked Christmas for its first brand-building TV ad campaign and creative conveys the message the retailer sells everything a customer needs to make Christmas easy.

Robert Dyas Christmas advert

“A rational attempt to show the excitement of preparing for Christmas.” 

Damon Collins, founder of ad agency Joint

Specialist retailers' Christmas ads: Are they a hit or a miss?