Geek Squad to come to UK as part of deal
Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy have entered into a deal that will open UK-style mobile stores in the US and bring Best Buy's Geek Squad to the UK.

Standalone mobile multi-network stores called Best Buy Mobile will be introduced in New York City, in a trial that is 'about to commence', the companies said in a stock market statement.

Meanwhile the duo will introduce The Geek Squad to the UK next year. This mirrors a service provided in the US by the consumer electronics giant that provides a range of customer support services to home computer users.

'The US market is very large, but has little retail distribution on the Carphone Warehouse model,' said Carphone Warehouse chief executive Charles Dunstone.'In addition, when we look at the explosion of broadband penetration and home computing, we can easily see why the Geek Squad has been so successful in the US. For either of us to take our expertise into the other's market on our own would be a step into the unknown.'

'Carphone Warehouse has an excellent track record in independent mobile phone retailing across Europe. Our strengths in consumer electronics retailing and computer support services in North America are unrivalled,' said Best Buy International chief executive officer Bob Willett.