You’d expect the online cycling retailer to make the most of the Tour de France, and Wiggle is going all out for the event.

It has signed up cycling super fan Didi Senft to help publicise the brand, and launched a campaign running across print and online media.

The campaign is running in the UK, Europe, Australia and the US, and promotes a range of special offers and discounts throughout the Tour de France until July 22.

Senft is known as Didi the Devil to cycling aficionados, so-called because of his reliable roadside presence at races dressed as the devil.

He has appeared dressed in red at most of the sport’s big events since 1993, but has changed to an outfit in Wiggle’s signature orange for the campaign, complete with company logos.

Turning up to races dressed as the devil seems a strange thing to do with your spare time, but Senft has obviously struck a chord with cycling fans and Wiggle is making the most of it.

The retailer is tapping into his passion for cycling and aligning itself with a character who is well known among the sport’s enthusiasts.

In addition, a surge of promotional activity around the Tour de France will not only strengthen Wiggle’s image among existing cycling fans, but attract those new to the sport as interest peaks around the event.

Wiggle has built a reputation for itself not just as a strong specialist retailer, but as one with a sense of humour, and the partnership enhances this.