Competing with the big four supermarkets means online grocer Ocado has its work cut out getting its message across in the often loud and brash grocery TV advertising world.

The colourful animated ad focuses on the Ocado product offer and service

So Ocado’s new campaign instead focuses on targeting its core customer on video-on-demand (VoD) players such as Channel 4’s 4oD.

The animated advert, created by agency BD Network, features a voice-over by actress Patsy Kensit explaining how not having shops allows the grocer to focus on its product offer and service. The ad shows Ocado’s range and delivery service as it travels through a colourful cartoon landscape covered with food and branded products, and ends by asking viewers to ‘enter the world of’.

The campaign’s real strength is the targeted VoD element, which enables the etailer to be more efficient with its budget, according to Steve Ballinger, head of broadcast at media agency Carat. VoD services often have more detailed viewer data, such as specific location, and can cap the number of times a viewer sees an ad. Brands typically pay per view of an ad, so this way they can make sure that 1,000 people see it once rather than 100 people 10 times.

Ballinger says: “The likes of Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s spend a huge amount of money on a weekly basis [on linear TV advertising] but Ocado hasn’t got the budget to compete. In VoD Ocado can really own that space and because it’s more targeted, it knows there is minimal wastage and it can get to people.”

Plus, with most viewers already watching the streaming channels online, Ballinger says it’s quick and easy to move them from the ad to buying on the website. The creative could be stronger, but if a viewer is inspired to shop, Ocado should be in a prime position to capitalise.

Ocado, Welcome to a different kind of supermarket