New Look is the latest retailer to use augmented reality in an advertising campaign, as consumers warm to the technology and awareness of it grows.

The young fashion retailer is using it in its latest campaign for a 1950s clothing line, designed by model Kelly Brook. The campaign consists of press advertising images that act as ‘triggers’ if viewers hold up a smartphone to the pictures, as long as they have downloaded the application from Aurasma, which is the technology New Look is using. They are then taken to a behind-the-scenes video of the photo-shoot for the clothing line and its accompanying campaign.

Augmented reality should provide users with something extra, on top of what the campaign itself already provides, and New Look does so. It is the first full collection that Brook helped design and as a tabloid favourite the retailer’s audience will no doubt be keen to see more of her. The behind-the-scenes video gives them more access to the star and makes them feel more a part of the campaign – and increased engagement is what it’s all about.

The retailer also used the technology in its Jubilee-related press advertising. This time, viewers were taken to a light-hearted re-enactment of the Queen’s coronation.

Augmented reality is no longer the preserve of the few, as everyone from Marks & Spencer to Tesco tries it. Granted, it’s a natural fit for fashion retailers, for whom good-quality digital content is becoming ever-more important. But New Look nonetheless gives a lesson in how to approach it creatively.

New Look