Is self-regulation the way forward?
The National Consumer Council today called for an overhaul of the Sunday trading laws as part of a list of retail regulations it wants changed.

Sunday trading hours are highlighted in the report, which calls for greater self-regulation among consumers.

'Large stores can only open for six hours on a Sunday, even though evidence suggests that millions of people would like to have greater freedom to shop when it suits them,' said National Consumer Council deputy chief executive Philip Cullum.

'Its time to rescue the debate on regulation from the vested interests of business leaders and bureaucrats. At the NCC, our instinct is against knee-jerk calls for regulation.'

Other rules on the hit list include the number of taxis in town centres and simplifying consumer complaints procedures.

However, the pamphlet's publication comes as the Association of Convenience Stores revealed it had written a letter to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Alan Johnson, stating there is no desire from consumers for longer Sunday opening hours.