Brown & Jackson unveils new-look Poundstretcher

Brown & Jackson boss Angus Monro has unveiled the first of the value retailer's new ...instore outlets, which will be key to business turnaround.

The fascia is likely to replace Poundstretcher, and the change of image has been accompanied by an overhaul of the retail offer.

Product has been improved, the store layout has been made clearer, and the look modernised. A step-change in 'housekeeping' standards has also been initiated.

Monro was drafted in last year to save Brown & Jackson, which was in crisis despite the success of many other value players.

The new name appeared on Wednesday on seven stores, including Durham, Salford, Sunderland, Macclesfield, Northwich and Milton Keynes.

A spokesman said: 'It will appeal to people who are not going into Poundstretcher at present.'

Monro said: 'At the moment it's a trial. Depending on how they do over Christmas, we may roll it out to other stores.'

Evolution Beeson Gregory analyst Nick Bubb was excited about developments at Brown & Jackson.

He said: 'They (management) have dubbed it the biggest turnaround in retail history. The point is that the management team has done it before at Matalan. If they can really kick these new stores off, then more profits will follow.'

Poundstretcher has 337 stores, and the business generates sales of approximately£300 million a year.

Revamps of Poundstretcher outlets had already delivered improvements before this week's launch of ...instore.