Mixed bunch of players joined by pharmaceuticals and cosmetics retailer
Boots has fallen in line with the likes of Amazon, Blockbuster, EasyGroup, Sainsbury's and WHSmith to launch an online DVD rental service. Run in association with Screenselect.co.uk, the service allows customers to rent an unlimited amount of DVDs from a pool of 25,000 titles for an unlimited time. The service costs£11.49 a month and there are no late return fees.

The retailer is offering customers a free trial of the service, ending on January 31, which is linked to its loyalty card scheme. Customers earn 400 loyalty points if they sign up to the scheme. They continue to earn points as long as they stay signed up to the service when the free trial runs out.

As a relatively late entrant to the online DVD rental business, Boots will find stiff competition for revenues. At£11.49 a month, it is far from the cheapest service available. Amazon, for instance is offering a similar deal for only£7.99 a month.