Chemist wants GPs and diagnostic clinics
High street chemist Boots has revealed it wants to introduce GP surgeries into its stores.

The group said it was in discussions with NHS managers about plans to install hospital consultants, diagnostic clinics and weekend GP surgeries.

Under the proposals, Boots will rent space in its stores to local primary healthcare trusts.

The move follows a Government white paper in January that called for the NHS to form partnerships with the private sector to make healthcare more accessible to patients and responsive to their needs.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has expressed concern about the proposals leading to privatisation and a potential conflict of interest if doctors were employed directly by Boots.

Several Boots stores in London already offer free NHS-run chlamydia testing services.

In February this year, Sainsbury's revealed it was in talks with the Government to open GP surgeries in its stores. The BMA condemned the plans, saying it was unacceptable to offer healthcare services in retail outlets that sell alcohol, junk food and tobacco.