Boots has launched a new Christmas TV advert campaign, ditching its long-running ‘Here come the girls’ theme after four years.

The health and beauty retailer has unveiled a new series of TV ads that inspire women to give thoughtful gifts.

The campaign begins with a 60-second advert featuring a series of mini-stories showing people giving thoughtful gifts to one another. There are then a series of spin-off adverts that develop these stories, showing the thoughtfulness behind them.

The first advert in the campaign airs on Saturday during The X Factor and was developed by creative agency Mother.

Unveiling the advert last night, Boots marketing director Elizabeth Fagan said: “It’s a move on from ‘Boots gets women’. We know how you behave, we know you think and we get you. But now it’s not enough to show that we understand. Now we need to look at how to inspire them and help them have more fun in their lives.”

Fagan said she is confident the new advert will be as successful as its ‘Here come the girls’ ad.

To further “inspire” women Boots is offering customers the chance to record personalised messages on their iPhones and save it to a QR code that they can attach and send with Christmas presents. The person receiving the present then just needs to scan the QR code with their smartphone to see the video.

Boots is understood to be the first retailer to offer this innovative video technology.

Alongside this, Boots, which doesn’t have a standard shopping app, has created a Christmas app to help shoppers find Christmas presents for their friends and family, which is available for download now.

It separates gifts into different personalities so shoppers can easily browse products and add them to their shopping lists. Shoppers can also buy using the app.

Boots director of loyalty and multichannel Ruth Spencer said: “We’ve always said we’d create an app when we know the customer really needs one. We know finding a Christmas present for someone is a need, so we thought shoppers genuinely need an app.

“Obviously, we will learn from this app.”