Saucy adult ranges not received well by mainstream shoppers it seems
Boots and Debenhams have both scrapped plans to offer sex toys in stores. Boots confirmed today that plans to offer the products in a tie-up with Durex condom maker SSL have been axed.

The retailer originally said in October that it was considering stocking such items but, following a review, the decision has been made not to offer the lines. A Boots spokeswoman said: 'We were in discussion with SSL about this range and have continued to look at it. A number of people felt uncomfortable about the range being sold at Boots [staff and customers] and we have decided that it is not for us at the moment.'

Debenhams' plans to stock similar lines alongside fetish underwear will also be scrapped, according to a spokeswoman for the retailer. Nine stores across the country were supposed to have started stocking the ranges by the end of November. However, no details have been given about whether the ranges were actually put on sale before the decision was made to pull them.

A spokeswoman for Debenhams said: 'We look at many product opportunities across all areas of the business. This was just one product trial that we were looking at introducing before Christmas, but didn't go ahead with.'