Blockbuster ups DVD marketing

Entertainment group Blockbuster is phasing out regular video rental promotions in favour of DVD.

The retailer is also shifting its focus towards product retail, rather than concentrating on rentals.

A spokesman said DVD now represented 75 per cent of all rentals, compared with between 5 and 10 per cent three years ago.

In-store marketing and navigational material in all 720 shops has been revamped, and the implementation will be completed over the next week.

Previously, Blockbuster coded promotions and in-store navigation according to VHS, DVD and games. New material will be coloured blue for rental, purple and silver for retail and green for games.

Provisionally, promotions will give equal billing to games, rental and retail in windows, but the spokesman said: 'It's fluid and we will try to put our best foot forward.'

He said that during certain weeks Blockbuster may want to capitalise on games releases, but during other weeks it may focus on DVDs, for example.

The campaign kicks off with retail offers, ranging from two DVDs for£22 to five for£40. Reviews and tailored Game of the Month and Movie of the Week posters will also be introduced.