Nearly half of consumers will not change their shopping habits as a result of the Bangladesh factory collapse, a study conducted for Retail Week has shown.

According to the poll by ICM, 44% of people said they are no more likely to ask where clothes are produced than before the Bangladesh tragedy.

But 13% said they were “a lot” more likely to ask.

Half of those surveyed do not believe retailers should stop sourcing clothing from Bangladesh, while one in five people think they should, with consumers aged between 25 and 34 most supportive of this proposal.

In addition, just 13% of consumers believe retailers bear the most responsibility to ensure safety and acceptable working conditions in Bangladeshi clothing factories. Some 37% say factory owners are responsible, while 26% of consumers blame the Bangladeshi government.

The Rana Plaza building that collapsed in Bangladesh last month has so far killed 1,100 people. The building housed five clothing factories that supplied retailers including Primark and Bonmarche.

The survey findings come as H&M, Primark, Zara owner Inditex and Tesco pledge to sign a new fire safety code in the country.