Kingfisher to introduce next generation of warehouses
DIY group Kingfisher is set to spend£200 million refurbishing its B&Q chain in an effort to turn the UK retailer around.

Some 110 of the largest B&Q warehouses will receive a substantial facelift at a cost of between£1.5 million and£2 million a store. The project is expected to last three years. The improvements will focus on three areas - store environment, range and service.

A spokesman said the group had been working on plans to refit existing stores and introduce the next generation of warehouses for some time and the move was part of an 'evolution rather than revolution'. The first of the 'next generation' warehouses will open in Wednesbury later this week.

The group has put plans to expand into new markets such as Thailand, Malaysia and India on hold while it concentrates on rehabilitating its UK operations. However, it will continue to expand in markets where it has a presence already, doubling its number of stores in Poland and Italy over five years.

In May, B&Q unveiled a first-quarter sales drop of 7.7 per cent.