Range includes solar panels and wind turbines
B&Q has launched a set of energy-efficient products in its largest stores as the environmental revolution in the retail sector gathers pace.

The DIY chain is selling the green products in 107 stores. Items range from a£2.99 low energy candle bulb through to domestic solar panels and wind turbines, which cost£1,498 each.

B&Q chief executive Ian Cheshire said: 'With energy prices projected to continue rising, coupled with increasing mortgage payments, we believe that in future, consumers will increasingly consider energy efficiency for cost reductions.'

Over the coming weeks, B&Q will run promotions on environmental products, in addition to the energy efficiency guide it has already introduced. Cheshire said: 'Many of us are unaware that the average house is more environmentally damaging than the average car, or that there is a set of simple, easy solutions that people can take to tackle change, which will also save them money.'

Others retailers - including DSGi-owned electricals chain Currys.digital - have recently introduced eco-friendly products such as solar panels, while most of the big supermarkets have been touting their green credentials.