DIY retailer warns businessman over name
DIY chain B&Q is threatening legal action against a Wearside businessman planning to open a shop called B & Screw, an abbreviation of company name Bolts & Screws.

However, a B&Q spokeswoman said: 'B&Q has an interest to protect its brand. [John] Finn's company is called Bolts & Screws - our concern is that he has chosen to shorten this to B & Screw, which may cause some confusion to the public.

'A letter was sent on our behalf to inform Mr Finn of his legal obligation not to infringe our trademark. Our action in this is not intended to hinder Mr Finn, but simply to ensure that there is no confusion over the B&Q brand.'

Finn told the BBC: 'I am not trying to cash in on their name and in all fairness our proper signs are not up yet. All we have is a temporary sign in the city centre that said B & Screw opening soon. I just think all this is pathetic and petty. If I had 100 shops I could not do anything to damage B&Q.'