Two large European retailers have begun deployments of self-service technology from NCR in time for Christmas.

Entertainment retailer FNAC has introduced self-service checkouts at its largest store in Spain to help reduce the seasonal queues. It plans to extend the roll-out to other stores in 2008.

The NCR FastLane self-service units accept cash, credit and debit cards, the FNAC loyalty card and the FNAC store card.

European grocer Auchan has also begun to deploy self-service kiosks at its supermarket snack bars in Italy.

NCR FastLane Deli units have been installed at four sites so far. They allow customers to select products or services from a list and pay by cash or card. The machine provides a receipt for them to go and collect their order.

The self-service system has been deployed so that staff in the restaurants are able to focus on food preparation and delivery activities rather than handling payments.