Asos is to open up its Marketplace virtual market to international sellers after its success in the past six months.


Currently the site showcases 150 boutiques and 12,000 street style listings from sellers in the UK; and Asos says in some cases sellers are failing to keep up with customer demand. 50% of the two million active users are international customers, Asos wants to allow localised websites to support sellers from the United States, France and Germany.

The success of Asos’ digital market place over the last six months has seen the top selling boutique turning over £50,000, and the top selling individual seller making over £10,000.

Asos e-commerce director James Hart said the Marketplace platform has so far exceeded the company’s expectations.

Hart said: “The fact the site is open to anyone and remains so fashion credible is a testament to our sellers’ passion, product and photography skills, as well as the Asos Marketplace team, who work closely with all sellers to build their stores.

“What I love is that there is substance behind the style too; many sellers are making thousands of pounds every month, even at this early stage. With increased functionality and a global launch in a couple of months, I feel this is still just the beginning for the marketplace.”