Asda has launched a TV advert to promote its Little Angels nappy range in a bid to capture the 22% market share up-for-grabs when nappy brand Huggies exits the UK.

The ad, which launched on Monday night during Coronation Street, will air until March 10 and is part of a wider campaign that will be running in store and online.

It shows Asda’s own label nappies being put to the test by families to demonstrate their comfort and absorbent credentials to demonstrate that Little Angels are given the seal of approval by mum before they make the range.

The grocer is also offering a two for £10 deal on the products.

The 30 second ad also encourages viewers to visit the Asda website for a chance to win a year’s supply of nappies to continue educating the customer about the product range online.

The departure of Huggies, which is the number two nappy brand in the UK, in April opens a growth opportunity for Asda’s own brand. The grocer is targeting double digit growth in its nappy market share.

Asda baby team buying manager Paul Gillow said: “Little Angels is at the heart of everything we do in Baby as it’s a real point of difference for us.”

“As Huggies pull out of the UK, it will undoubtedly create some uncertainty for customers so we will be doing everything possible to ensure we look after Mums needs, whether that’s trialing our Little Angels ranges for the first time, or buying another brand.”

Asda head of broadcast advertising Amy Hinsley said: “This is the first time we have integrated our TV campaign with our social media channels and the results have been phenomenal in the first few hours.”

Huggies is exiting the UK as its parent Kimberly Clark focuses on its strongest markets elsewhere.