Range will introduce masculine smells
Asda is to launch a new sunscreen range for men, containing what the grocer is describing as 'manly' smells such as musk and beer, to encourage sales of sunscreen amongst its male customers.

According to the retailer, the range is designed to complement its traditional 'female' smelling suntan lotions. It follows research revealing that up to 28 per cent of young men refuse to wear existing creams, because they regard their delicate scents as effeminate.

Asda suncream buyer Clare Jenkins said: 'Being male and macho will no longer be a barrier to protecting your skin in the sun.'

The new line of lotions - called Locker Room Chic - will use a variety of smells such as green lime, sandalwood and cedar, which have yet to be decided. The retailer said the scents in the final line up will tread a delicate balance between 'manliness and social acceptability'.

Jenkins added: 'We believe that our new range of macho sun creams will have an image that goes with a strong sense of masculinity. It will allow men to remain butch without getting sunburnt.'