Asda is to slash the price of a dozen core groceries this weekend as shoppers start to feel the pinch towards the end of the month.

Asda has cut the price of key groceries to just 50p from Friday to Sunday, meaning the cost of a basket of 12 core groceries has plummeted from£11.24 to just£6. The groceries include fruit and vegetables such as cucumber and mango, as well as sausages, minced beef and eggs.

The grocer is also offering five top-selling frozen products for just£1 until July 28, including fish fingers, beef quarter-pounders and steamed fresh vegetables. Asda has seen a surge in the popularity of frozen products as customers seek to minimise food waste, and sales are up more than 20 per cent year on year.

Asda said the latest price cuts will help customers keep their weekly shopping bills as low as possible at the time of the month when they most need it, with pay cheques for most still more than a week away.

The initiative is the latest in a string of price cuts from Asda. The retailer has committed itself to rolling back the price of 3,000 products each week through the summer. Competitor supermarkets Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have also thrown themselves fully into the price wars.