Asda will launch a £4 school uniform, its lowest price to date, sparking a new price war among the grocers.

Asda’s£4 uniform, available at George, is available for children aged from 3 to 12 and is a flat rate, regardless of age. The value range includes a polo shirt, sweatshirt and trousers or a skirt.

Asda calculated that the average family spends more than£320 a year on uniforms for up to 12 year olds and the cost with George uniform could be as low as£32 a year.

“Buying the back to school wardrobe can put a massive strain on any parent’s purse”, said George managing director Anthony Thompson.

“In these tough times, having one fantastic price for all ages is a great example of how George is constantly delivering value to its customers, without any compromise on quality.”

Last week, Marks & Spencer launched its£6.50 school uniform, but for children over six the range costs£13.50.

Thompson added: “In choosing to offer lower prices to our customers we accept that we make less money on each item we sell. We refuse to compromise on quality, what we do is we buy in volume and we sell in volume. Customers can be assured that we have very strict ethical codes and that they can buy from us with a clear conscience”.