Asda’s clothing brand George aims to draw in AB shoppers with its refreshed image, as consumers rein in their spending.

George brand director Fiona Lambert said: “Asda is growing its AB customers and if we can continue to offer quality and value, those AB shoppers will also shop with us.

“The high street will become expensive for a lot of people. We don’t want our customers to compromise, so we offer great value.”

This week, George unveiled its redesigned logo, along with its new ad campaign, which ditches celebrities in favour of unknown models. The logo, which was exclusively revealed in Retail Week last month, has been given a contemporary twist. It will appear in 40 stores by the end of this year and all stores by the end of next year.

Lambert said: “The logo was 18 years old and a bit formal and masculine. The new logo reflects our brand values – modern and relaxed. It has an inclusive feeling and an element of fun.”

The ad campaign is very “honest”, according to Lambert, and appeals to Asda’s core customers: mums with families. “Customers challenge every penny they spend at the moment and to use highly paid celebrities just didn’t feel right. We have re-invested the money we would have spent on a celebrity face in the quality of the products,” she said.

George’s lines include Moda, Boston Crew and G21. Lambert said: “Our customers were telling us they are tired of disposable fast fashion and that they want quality staples. We have invested in quality and believe that all customers have the right to look good, whatever their budget.”

In a customer survey of 10,000 people, Asda found that 72.3 per cent of UK women would rather buy an outfit based on seeing it on a real person than on a celebrity.