Asda is offering shoppers a 100-day money-back guarantee on its George school uniforms in an attempt to prove the quality of its products.

The grocer will refund customers during the first 100 days of the school term if they are not satisfied with the quality. The usual retailer guarantee is typically 28 to 35 days.

Asda said the initiative will end price wars that in the past have meant poor quality uniforms flooded the high street.

“Some retailers are becoming increasingly focused on being the lowest priced at all costs,” said George managing director Anthony Thompson. “Mums are telling us that the time for price wars is over as parents deserve consistent quality clothing for their kids.”

Asda said it surveyed parents and found that 36 per cent of mothers had previously bought uniforms from a range of retailers and had been disappointed with the quality.

George – which is the largest schoolwear retailer by volume according to TNS Worldpanel Fashion – has also introduced a range of improvements to its school uniforms this year, but has kept the prices the same. Enhancements include the use of 100 per cent cotton in polo shirts and sweatshirts, and Teflon for durability.

➤ Research by Asda found the recession is having an effect on children’s lives and attitudes to money.

55 per cent of children said they were worried about the ramifications of the recession on their parents. 44 per cent said they were not asking their parents for things that “they don’t really need”.