Asda is mulling implementing a version of its parent Walmart’s ‘pay with cash’ initiative, which allows customers to order online and pay using cash in store.

The grocer said it is taking a “keen interest” in Walmart’s newly launched service, which targets cash-strapped customers in the US.

Walmart’s service allows customers to place orders online and take their order receipt in-store within 48 hours to pay and arrange delivery to the shop or home. Shoppers cannot take the item home with them that day.

Walmart is targeting the 81% of its customers who have limited banking options but have internet access. At Walmart 85% of transactions are in cash.

An Asda spokeswoman said the grocer will be “taking a keen interest in the US programme and how it works for customers”. But she added: “We don’t have any immediate plans to implement it.”

Asda already runs a click-and-collect service allowing customers to buy online and collect in-store for its non-food business.