We have looked at how green our distribution fleet is, but what can we do about our company car fleet?

Retailers still have some way to go on operating environmentally friendly fleets, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

It has found that retailers could be saving up to £1,000 a vehicle by purchasing cars with greater fuel economy, training staff to improve their driving style, actively working to cut the distances driven by about 10% and the associated tax savings that come from these measures.

The Energy Saving Trust offers a free Green Fleet Review for companies with fleets of more than 50 cars that has already been used by retailers including Arcadia Group and O2. The review is designed to cut carbon emissions as well as save money for those who take part.

The body says that it finds retailers are willing to improve their environmental impact, but they have tended not to take action on company cars as a priority within their corporate social responsibility plans.

Its research has shown that while 42% of retailers believe it is very important to reduce the environmental impact of their fleets, only 27% are turning these good intentions into action. For example, 55% of retailers believe fleets should use the most fuel-efficient cars available, but only 27% are doing something to address this.

Energy Saving Trust chief executive Philip Sellwood says: “We have come a long way in getting organisations to take the environmental impact of their fleet vehicles seriously. But we need them to have more than just a positive attitude.”