Indeed, sales in the market bounced 6.3% last year, and Hawkins Bazaar’s like-for-likes jumped 9% year-on-year over Christmas.

According to the British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA), this was driven by the growth of collectables – such as toy cars and figurines of characters from popular movies – which surged 44% year-on-year and accounted for nearly one in every four toys sold last year.

On average in 2016, £350 was spent on each child aged 0-9.  

However, while the industry is buoyant, concerns remain over Brexit.

As the BTHA points out, the greatest concern of UK toymakers and sellers is the devaluation of the pound against the dollar, which will lead to price increases.

However, Mordecai said the industry is a resilient one, and unveiled plans to mitigate some of the inflationary pressures. 

Last year, The Entertainer co-founder and boss Gary Grant told Retail Week that price rises of around 10% were inevitable.

Lego decided to put up prices by an average of 5%, starting in January this year.