How can retailers use technology to improve store layout?

In a highly competitive market it is critical for retailers to design their point of sale to help customers find the products they want quickly and easily.

Tony Nunan, managing director at shopper research agency Visuality, says: “In an age of increased competition, shop layout, product visibility and an efficient shopping environment are fundamental to every retailer’s success.

“If a time-poor customer can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s increasingly likely they will leave rather than look for someone to ask for assistance.”

A store layout that encourages shoppers to browse is important, but retailers must also ensure that time-pressed shoppers can find what they need efficiently.

It is therefore essential that retailers offer clarity at the point of sale and product visibility.

Eye-tracking technology can help ensure a retailer’s store layout is both visually pleasing and convenient, maximising the chance of return visits and increased revenue from every type of shopper.

By tracking what catches a shopper’s eye in-store, retailers can understand how customers navigate a store layout.

Eye-tracking technology gives real-time insights into how shoppers respond, if at all, to signage and point of sales, as well as showing which products they consider and engage with.

“Investing in even small-scale research using these sorts of techniques can help avoid costly mistakes or, even better, help optimise good ideas for the real store environment,” says Nunan.


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