Will shoppers pay more for good customer experience?

The rise of the informed consumer means that today’s interactions between retailers and shoppers have to offer more than just flashy advertising, a product, brochure, or price tag, believes Chris Mills, managing director at customer experience strategy expert Strativity.

“Consumers are highly empowered, particularly in online social circles, and openly share views and opinions about products and brands, making retail one of the most competitive sectors when it comes to customer retention,” he says.

Consumers today are far happier to shop around to find the best quality, best value for money and best customer service. However, since historically shoppers have got used to poor service, “there remains an opportunity to surprise, delight and offer something different, in return for a slightly higher price,” according to Mills.

“In order for customers to pay more for good customer experience, the added value being offered must be made clear. For example, you could offer to sort all problems on one call rather than directing the customer to someone else,” he says.

Mills adds that customers are willing to pay more for a service if it is specifically tailored to their needs and based on a true understanding of how they interact with the retailer at various touch points.

“Customise your service offering accordingly and assign senior agents to deal with the customer’s concerns. By incorporating these extra efforts to accommodate customers, you will find that they are happier to pay more for the service they receive,” he sums up.