What is the key to providing a more personalised customer service experience on the phone?

A well-designed automated customer service platform, working in partnership with call centre agents, 

can provide customers with the highly personalised, efficient service experience they have come to expect.

VoxGen senior vice president of strategic consulting Wally Brill says: “The key is to integrate the customer service line and customer relationship management system, so once a customer has been verified, they are presented with a bespoke menu of options.

“For example, if the customer has recently purchased a product, they could be greeted with, ‘I see you recently ordered a pair of shoes, which are due for delivery today. Is that what you’re calling about?’”

By anticipating common customer service queries, retailers can help get customers to the right place to meet their needs quickly and conveniently. Likewise, if the caller is identified as a high-value customer they could be automatically put through to an agent.

Brill adds: “There will be times when, due to high call volumes, placing customers on hold or in queues will be unavoidable, but there is no reason why that can’t also be a personalised experience.

“By identifying customers, retailers create personalised up-sell offers based on their purchase history. In particularly busy periods, such as during the holidays, the system could offer to hold the caller’s place in the queue, allowing them to hang up, and call the customer back when a representative becomes free.”

Using an automated system should enable call centre agents to offer a more personalised experience too. Data collected during the routing process means they can greet the customer by name and with some knowledge of their query.