How can retailers increase conversions on social media?

Retailers’ online marketing campaigns often focus on generating clicks from social media ads and posts to drive conversions. But retailers often forget the importance of what happens after potential customers click and that the next stage will lead them to either purchase or click elsewhere.

Retailers could increase sales by sending online shoppers to tailored landing pages to help them down the conversion path.

Creating conversion-focused landing pages starts with clearly outlining the campaign goals, whether it is to increase mailing-list subscribers or generate direct sales.

Online retail monitoring platform Shoppimon chief executive Roy Rosinnes says: “Always make sure landing pages feature messaging that is consistent with social ads and posts, have a clear call-to-action and use compelling visuals.”

Ensuring that online adverts look the part is important but it is perhaps even more vital to ensure all social media posts and corresponding landing pages function seamlessly.

Shoppimon chief technology officer and co-founder Shahar Evron says: “Customers won’t wait patiently for a site to load or react and will leave a page, resulting in lost business.

“Retailers should be sure they know how online ads are performing to ensure there are no issues if customers decide to make a purchase.”

By using high-performing landing pages that offer a clear path to purchase, retailers give consumers the best chance of having a great shopping experience, boosting conversions from social campaigns and the likelihood they come back for more.