The choice of media for a shopper marketing campaign is vast and can appear cluttered.

To help retailers navigate this, shopper marketing managers can sometimes lean on personal preferences or previous experiences, says Matt Hardman, group media manager at content marketing agency Publicis Blueprint, which works for Asda Media Centre.

He says: “We are all shoppers. We all experience the customer journey, so what we notice and respond to can start to creep into what we think our customers will.”

Hardman says a brand will often not book a certain media platform because there is a vague recollection that it didn’t previously work, and an inherent aversion to that platform remains.

Each campaign is different and so should be approached in a different, bespoke way, Hardman adds. He thinks retailers should listen to recommendations from the experts.

“Try to trust a media centre’s recommendations. They will have delivered success on many campaigns across their media portfolio before (and a few failures), so will be best placed to advise you and also justify why.

“If you’re not convinced, challenge them.”

Hardman also advises remaining open-minded: “Be clear about what success looks like. This will dictate the overall direction and, when it’s finished, you will be able to effectively evaluate, learn, and hopefully celebrate the results.”