How can retailers use e-learning?

As well as improving staff retention, e-learning can help retailers inspire and motivate their staff, improve performance and allow people to learn new ways of doing things.

Chief executive of e-learning specialists Learning Heroes Adam Kara says: “Effective e-learning has to be relevant, engaging and easy to access for users.”

“Content has to be engaging and fun to encourage high uptake of courses”

The courses should also be accessible from mobiles and tablets as well as workstations, advises Kara. He also points out the added benefit of minimising time away from the office, warehouse or outlet, and still delivering quality training.

“It’s vital to give users the flexibility to access training from any location as and when time allows, or when they need support in a specific area – such as improving sales techniques before a new product launch or giving feedback to colleagues,” says Kara.

“It also means that their new knowledge can be put into practice straightaway, reinforcing learning while it’s still fresh.”

Content has to be engaging and fun to encourage high uptake of courses.

“Enjoyment is a real incentive to learn, so choose materials with some wit and humour. One of our clients specifically notes if the content makes their staff laugh as a sign of success.”

It’s also recommend that incentives for staff such as certificates for the successful completion of courses should be an essential element of e-learning courses.

“Integrate e-learning materials with any in-house communication systems for ease of access and provide a platform for staff to review and recommend courses,” concludes Kara

“Learning and development managers tell us that the best promotion of courses is done for them by users.”