The launch of Facebook’s new product advertisements has caused a stir across retail as brands consider how they can use the tool to identify and engage consumers in new and creative ways. 

These advertisements are dynamic and will enable retailers to advertise multiple products and offers simultaneously, personalise their offers to specific customers and advertise based on location or interests.

Insights about Facebook’s 1.4 billion user base from the social media platform’s data could give retailers a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour.

Head of marketing for MEA at digital advertising specialist Turn Helen Miall believes this tool could help retailers drive incremental sales by providing a convenient method of efficient product-level retargeting.

“Automatically generated ads have the potential to add to a captivating social experience but only if the right approach is taken. To truly optimise this new advertising service, retailers will need to explore what Facebook’s data shows about customer preferences in order to engage them with the most relevant products,” she says.

Facebook product ads will give retail marketers the opportunity to engage users at all times, no matter what device they are using.

“If retailers are to truly unlock the potential of Facebook product ads, investing time in data-driven communications will be key,” says Miall.

“Propelled by the right insights, retailers will be able to cultivate carefully co-ordinated messaging that is designed with channel, time and context in mind to ensure they share meaningful products with customers consistently.”