How can I use digital signage to make a difference in my stores?

Digital signage has come of age and is now seen in various locations throughout the store, from window displays to till points. But for digital screens to make a real difference to a retailer, they need to be used to support a shopper’s purchasing journey, according to Danielle Pinnington, managing director at shopper research firm Shoppercentric.

“We’d strongly advise against retailers using them just for the sake of it - they need to make sure they have a real purpose from the shopper’s perspective,” she says.

Within a retail environment, technology needs to meet a consumer need or it risks being just more noise that the consumer chooses to ignore. For Pinnington, the key to making sure this happens is to identify whether there are barriers in the purchase journey that a screen could resolve.

She says: “Recently we’ve seen some fantastic signage in high street windows, where it has created and transformed eye-catching displays through movement and even interactivity. Used the right way and in the right context, digital signage can drive footfall into the store, or even sell products when the store is closed. It can also support a strong service offer - sharing complex product information in a tailored format via touchscreen technology.”

There is a much greater understanding of how to use the signage as a proactive sales tool, rather than simply an extra bit of kit on the wall, Pinnington concludes.