How can I improve my online presence through traditional offline advertising methods?

Shoppers are relying increasingly on search terms to find retailers or products on search engines and traditional advertising, in the form of billboard, TV and print ads, is playing a growing role in encouraging consumers to associate certain keywords with a certain retailer.

Offline keyword promotion tactics help track the ways in which consumers find a retailer online. For example, TV ads can generate searches within seconds of airing, while billboards may take days to impact on consumer consciousness.

Finding ways to encourage online purchases can benefit retailers financially, as it is a more cost-effective platform to acquire custom. However, there are pitfalls to avoid, according to Alex Wares, managing director of search marketing agency Mediarun. “Favourable online page rankings are an essential component of a retailer’s marketing efforts and traditional offline advertising can support this,” he says. “It is important to select words that are unique, so as to cut back on the number of competitors included in the rankings.”

But, he adds, there is a fine line between unique and confusing keywords. “Selecting terms that are also relevant to other markets or sectors is risky. Your website ranking may become lost in a wealth of other unassociated results where those terms are used.” However, retailers can use pay per click to purchase keywords so that they appear higher up the listings.

Wares says: “Without making online search a key consideration when formulating traditional advertising, it’s difficult to measure the consequences and outcome of a promotional decision.”